Purses made out of placemats?!?!? Don't know who come up with that idea initially, but the tireless effort to perfect my version of Placemat Purses was the beginning of Basement Bags. It's mind blowing how we have grown and changed since  2006! We love monograms and applique' and sincerely believe "if it's not moving, it needs stitching"!

Basement Bags is a family endeavor. I am a newly retired teacher and contribute well over 40 years of sewing experience.  "Amazing Husband" is my right hand and IT guy.  Our daughters are an endless source of inspiration and encouragement. We really are a mom & pop business and much of our merchandise is made from 'scratch' here in the Basement. Our work space is smoke free but we do share it with a beloved canine. Apologizes if you find a precious dog hair or two on your merchandise. Have fun shopping, place an order and let me make something special for you. Thanks for dropping by!       

Susan & Danny